The good, the bad, the exhausted!

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Okay, I’m writing this blog at midnight, one handed because my sick 3 year old needs a little extra love today... and well, who’s gunna turn that down?! ( side note : this little guys tonsillectomy can’t come soon enough 😩)

Anyway, If you told me 3 months ago that I would be knee deep in patterns, cutting fabric, and hiring seamstresses, I would have never believed you. I pictured myself on my 3rd maternity leave just relaxing, eating Costco sized bags of Brookeside chocolates and staying in my pyjamas all day ( okay, 2/3 of these still do happen 🤷🏻‍♀️) . Somewhere in there I came up with the random idea in my head to start Clover, organized a plan, and began production (with lots  of help from my Mom). Anyway, I have made so many mistakes during this process of becoming a business owner, that it sometimes feels like I’m hitting one roadblock after another. I think it comes with the territory of starting a clothing line without any previous sewing or design experience, but every time a new customer sends or posts a photo of their stylish little kiddo in my clothing, I’m always brought back to why I started Clover & Co. I have met some pretty awesome people along the way, and have connected with some amazing local business owners that I think will be great mentors for me along the way. Also, the amount of support from my family and friends has been incredible!


Moral of the story: 

I’m tired, I’m happy, and I love you guys for supporting this adventure of mine!


PS- Go check out our BEST SELLER this past week and stay turned for the release in Navy Blue 😬




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