New year, New Clover (kind of 😜)

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Happy 2019 everyone! I am currently in my pajamas  with a glass of wine and some tasty apps cooking in the oven (this is as good as it gets on NYE with 3 little ones at home 😜#partyanimal) 

If you’ve been along for the ride while I created Clover & Co. last year, I am sure you have noticed I made a few changes along the way. We made the transition from home sewing to a manufacturer and all that comes with that. To say starting your own company is a learning curve would be a giant understatement. There have been both tears and triumphs, and I look forward to showing you some of the exciting changes we have coming for this growing little company ☘️

First and foremost, fabric! Before Clover, I never really gave it much thought how horrible some fabrics are for the environment. 

Did you know that the average tshirt takes about 7-10 bathtubs full of water to produce? And that the fashion industry uses up to 1600 chemicals in the dyeing process (only 1% of which has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency) 

Did you know that an article of clothing sometimes travels up to 3500km before even being worn by a consumer? And that the average t-shirt is only worn approximately 7 times before it is disposed of?

Well, now you do.. and so do I! After learning this, I realized I needed to try and do my part to limit my impact on our planet. Clover & Co. has made the switch to Bamboo and Tencel Cotton for most of our products (fabric which allows for a significant decrease in water waste). This will allow a longer lasting product which will allow for much more wear than just the average 7 washes. We also encourage everyone to shop local when they can, to reduce the amount of fuel used getting the products to consumers

Okay, any other suggestions on getting a little more green.. send ’em my way ! 😃

A few other changes coming up for us...

We will be changing some of our packaging and labels as we expand our Women’s line. Clover & Co. started as a toddler clothing company and has expanded our collection to include 12 months to 8 youth and Women’s XS-XXL. 

I’m happy to announce that we have been picked up by a local clothing company for both our Children & Ladies Collection and I cannot wait!! Stay tuned to hear where you can pickup the newest Clover threads (hint: Mommy + Me line is coming in full force 😜) 

We cannot be more grateful for our our little community of support, and for all of our loyal followers. THANK-YOU🙌🏼☘️ 

We are so excited to share with you everything 2019 has in store.

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