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When creating my pieces, I always keep versatility in mind, and just realized after reading @thelandofos post last week on capsule wardrobes that what I have been doing all along actually has a name😬

 I love to dress my kids up and have them look like little stylish adults, but when I’m spending $50 on a sweater, or $35 on a pair of pants, I need to know that these are going to be staples in their wardrobes for a long time and they can be paired with almost anything (because who has time to try and put together complex outfits each day?!)  My trick to keeping costs down is to always pick one to two items as the style centrepieces, and pair those with basic and less expensive items to accomplish the stylish look with a more reasonable price tag  (included example photos below 👌🏼)


The capsule wardrobe was coined in the ‘70’s by Susie Faux and is explained as a wardrobe containing a few essential items that won’t go out of style. It is such a brilliant way to simplify. I do this with my own wardrobe and always try to incorporate this way of thinking when designing new Clover pieces. 

Check out a few looks I have put together pairing 1-2 Clover staples with the rest of the items usually ranging from $4-$6 from Walmart. ☘️


Happy Tuesday ☘️

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