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As requested on my blog topics post - A day in the life of a Mamaprenuer (I’m still getting used to the sounds of that 😬) 

It 5:30 am and I just finished feeding Halle (my youngest) her first bottle of the day. It’s Monday, and we have a busy day ahead. Sometimes I like to look like I’m not a hot mess, so I have a few mins to write this blog & hop in the shower before the real chaos of getting my 2 & 3 year old ready for daycare begins. They’re at the age now where they love playing together & love tormenting one another every waking minute of the day 😩. I like to pick out their outfits the night before, but some days it’s just whatever we manage to get on their bodies before we race out the door (atleast one of my kids tries to demand they wear their pjs to school each day ). Today daycare drop off is early, I have to make it to fabric district in Hamilton to pick up some goodies bright and early so I have time to make it back for Halle’s specialist appointment. One of the realities of having a micropreemie baby is the specialists are never ending. Many would think once she got released from the hospital, we are in the clear. Unfortunately that is not the case. Halle is at higher risk for a number of disorders in her life, so it’s just a matter of juggling specialists and early interventions to keep our little lady on track developmentally. Today she see’s an eye specialist that treated her in hospital for Retina of Prematurity (essentially a disease that can leave you blind from a full retinal detachment). Halle’s was caught early in the NICU, so these follow ups are precautionary until she’s old enough to see if glasses are needed (but come on, how adorable are baby glasses?!🤓) 

Anyway, before her appointment we have a large order of fabric to pickup from our supplier, so I recruited my husband to help me with this haul, and keep me company on the drive(hopefully we will have time to squeeze in a lunch date 😉).

Okay, halfway through the day! I need to head to my moms to go over some new patterns, get some things in order before our new seamstress starts on Wednesday (yay!), then pickup the kids from daycare. It’s a race to get dinner, spend time with my kids, and do bath and bedtime routine for all kiddies. Once they’re down, my husband and I take turns hitting the gym. We love the gym and it’s better for everyone if I manage to fit that into my day😉. At this point in my day I am exhausted, and we prep to do it all over again. 



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