5 things you didn’t know about Clover ☘️

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The thing I love about shopping local is knowing exactly who made my clothes and how they made them. The older I get, the more it is important to me that I try my best to shop where I know the items are ethically (and locally) made. So here goes! 

1- My mom does all of the sewing in her house (the same house I was born and raised in). She spent many hours sewing for craft shows when I was a child and I used to cringe at the thought of entering a fabric store. She would promise she would only be 5 minutes which I knew was a total lie. I now find myself doing this exact thing with my kids 😂 #sorrynotsorry 

 2- Clover started as a fleeting idea and within 3 weeks we were in full fledge production (when I want something.. I want it yesterday. I have been known to be impatient & determined to get what I want.) 😜

3-We started Clover with the idea of it being a casual business, and the idea quickly grew into a full time job (and some). I don’t mind working long hours when it doesn’t feel like work.

4- I have no idea how to sew🙈 ( I help cut, tag, and package.. but the rest is all my Mom) I prefer designing/fabric shopping and connecting with other families ❤️

5- The learning curve is real! In the short time we have been in business, we have made more mistakes than I care to admit; but we have learned SO much from our experiences already! One day we will be polished and experienced.. but today we are just local Mama’s learning and growing and enjoying the process ☘️


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